5 09, 2017

How long will each day be?


A well paced and unhurried itinerary is our goal, after all you are on vacation! Touring days begin and end at reasonable hours and include frequent stops.  While the occasional early morning departure is necessary, we do our best to endure a leisurely vacation.

How long will each day be?2017-09-28T22:04:53-04:00
4 09, 2017

How many can go?


Group sizes will vary depending on the reserved rooms at the hotels and lodges and the capacity of the ships, trains, and motorcoaches used.  Usually the maximum size will range from 44 to 54 passengers.

How many can go?2017-09-28T22:04:46-04:00
3 09, 2017

Will there be smoking?


There will be no smoking on the motorcoaches, airplanes, or trains.  Destinations policy will vary by the property.

Will there be smoking?2017-09-28T22:04:36-04:00
1 09, 2017

Are meals included?


Multi-day Tours – Included meals for each tour are usually listed on the itinerary at the end of each day.  Meals are shown by B=Breakfast, L=Lunch and D=Dinner.  When a meal is not included free time will be provided in an area where food is offered.  Alcoholic beverages are not included unless specified.  Special meal requests [...]

Are meals included?2017-09-28T22:04:18-04:00
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