February Senior Profile: Sandra Heffley

Sandra Ruth Heffley was born on October 14, 1940 in Willard. Sandy (and her husband Jim) are very active participants at the Willard Enrichment Center.

Sandy is actively involved with the Willard Crochet Club. She is a master at her favorite pastime. If you haven’t seen some of her creations, stop in during the Crochet Club on a Thursday morning and watch Sandy do what she does best!

Sandy describes herself as being super-friendly. She also loves teaching others to play cards and board games. Some of her favorite games are: Mexican Train, Dominoes, Push/Rummy, Sequence, and Hand & Foot. Sandy also loves to read.

A little known secret about Sandy is that she named her walker, “Sam”. She decided to name it because her doctor said she would like it better. That idea, as novel as it is, still hasn’t made her like Sam much better, but she has gotten used to it.

Sandy’s philosophy on life, “Live and Let Live!” Everyone at the Willard Center enjoys seeing Sandy and her friendly smile. She makes everyone there feel welcome. Thank you, Sandy, for always being there with a smile for everyone and all that you do!